About Us

Homestead had started its business in St. Catharines on
St. Patricks Street way back in 1946!

Homestead bakes an average of 2000 Long John’s per day!

With a delicious selection of 
60+ different flavours
Homestead is raining donuts, WOW!

A New Era – The Falkowski Family :


Longjohns, cherry twists, and old-fashioned donuts, all baked fresh every day.

In fact, all the donuts at Homestead Donuts and Bakery are old-fashioned, a

“Grandma Ella’s recipes” have been the driving force behind Homestead’s success in Thorold. That, and the fact that “nothing has changed since the beginning,” . When the business launched in 1947.

“It’s all made by hand, fresh every day. Ninety per cent (of other bakeries) start with frozen.”

Sweet-toothed customers seem to respond to freshness, judging by the fact that Homestead nearly sold out of donuts before closing.

Homestead Donuts specialty has always been their Wholesale business. Supplying Bakeries, Gas Stations, Independent Coffee Shops, Major Wholesaler’s & More all Over Southern Ontario.